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Hangzhou West Lake: A Life-size Chinese Ink Painting Written into UNESCO Heritage Site

Hangzhou West Lake: The Access to Charm of China

Hangzhou west lake In Hangzhou, the term "West Lake" represents an elegant beauty, a lieu of romance and a place of leisure for people who are living here and tourists outside the city. As Hangzhou becomes a big tourism city in the Yangtze Delta, the West Lake is also a brand name of China besides Shanghai's Bund and the Humble Administrator Garden in Suzhou. What' s more, In 2011, Hangzhou west lake was officially written into the list of World Cultural Heritage in China, and becomes the 41st site of World Heritage in China. Also, the special point of this milestone of Hangzhou West Lake is that it is regarded as the Cultural Landscape Site. And in China, there are only two sits considered officially as the cultural landscape sites: the first one is Mountain Lushan, and the second is Hangzhou West Lake. Why Hangzhou West Lake can be selected as the Cultural Landscape Site. It is closely connected with the history and tradition of West Lake. 
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Itinerary 1: Yuhang Liangzhu and Jingshan Temple tour
This morning, you will be picked up at your hotel at 08:30AM transferred to Jing Hill scenic area to renew your mind, where is the Buddhism holy land and the summer resort. Especially, Jing Hill Temple honored as the top of Jiangnan 5-mountain-10-temple. Except the famous temple, you may visit at [Dongpo Pavilion], Emperor鈥檚 Stele Pavilion, Nine-Dragon Waterfall and Six-Waterfall Grand Canyon etc. Free your heart at the fantastic surrounding.
 Itinerary 2: Yuhang Liangzhu and Jingshan Temple tour
he essence of the scenic lake can only be seen during and after a snowfall, the lake's"Broken Bridge" becomes "rejoined" by the white snow, the ancient trees along the lake are decorated by the heavenly thing, when you are luck to be here, you may feel you're really in a paradise.

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