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Huining City in Xinjiang

Huining City in Xinjiang

1761-1780 years, the Qing government built 9 cities in Ili, the scale of Huining city is just after Huiyuan city. According to records, Huining City was first built with the height about 5 meters, the circumference about 3 Kilometers, and there were four gates. Carried out after the westward expansion of the city, it was built two gates, a total of six gates; we can see the magnificent of the city. According to historical records, the Qing government in Yining city, once successively built over three cities, they were: Ningyuan, Huining, Xichun. As time went by, the site of Ningyuan no longer existed as well as Xichun, while the old city walls of Huining was appeared in the third cultural relics investigation in 2008. HuiNing now, leaving only the city walls, the maximum at 5 meters, and the lowest at 1.5 m, for the top at its widest point is 4 meters, narrowest point of 2.5 m, where the local villagers called the "Shaipule" (meaning the ancient city).
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