Day-night temperature differences in northwestern China, where the Silk Road passes, tend to be very big, with strong solar irradiance including ultraviolet radiation in the daytime. Tourists are advised to prepare warm clothing, water canteen, sun hat, goggles, suntan lotion, etc.

Light altitude sickness may occur as the Silk Road mainly lies on areas of altitudes between 800 and 3000 meters. Symptoms such as light dizziness, headache, and low appetite may follow. Take in more water and longer rests while reducing activities. Medicines for colds, diarrhea, nausea, fever and carsickness are all necessary.

Some nasal ointment and throat-moistening pills will be of great help for those who are sensitive to dry weather conditions.

Compass, all-purpose knife, a small bag of salt, a small bottle of multiple vitamin, rubberized fabric, etc, are all necessary.

Xinjiang grows a rich of variety of fruit. People traveling there in autumn are provided chance to try the sweet fruit that are available in that region. It is recommended not to drink hot tea soon after eating fruit because it may cause diarrhea.

Do not talk about sensitive issues such as religions and politics when in Xinjiang. The Muslim ethnic minority groups held it a taboo to drink alcohol or eat the meat of non-ruminant animals like pig, dog, horse, etc.

Foods in this area usually taste strong, hot, or sweet. Many local dishes contain onion, pepper, tomato, etc. Tourists are advised to declare their special requirement, if any, in this respect.

Never kick the camel when riding on it. And never wave bright coloured scarves of shawls before its eyes.

A flashlight torch will prove helpful when visiting the grottos. Cameras are banned in Mogao Grotto, as the strong magnesium light will cause damage to the murals. It is also forbidden to take pictures in the mosques. Obtaining permission is necessary before taking photos of people, in particular monks, women, etc.

There is a two hours time difference between Urumqi and Beijing. Xinjiang belongs to the time zone of GMT +6.

All the major cities in Xinjiang are serviced by at least one airport, Urumqi and Kashgar being the two air transport hubs connected to all the other major cities of inland China.

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