Welcome To Shanghai for World Expo!

        Lasting from May 1st to Oct 31st 2010, the Shanghai World Expo will be the biggest event in its history, with 192 countries and 50 International organizations having confirmed participation. 70 million visitors are expected from both inland and abroad to attend this world event. More than 20,000 cultural shows will be held during the Expo.

        Themed Better City, Better Life, the 2010 World Expo Shanghai conveys a common wish of mankind for a better future and better city life.


        This is a unique opportunity for you to come to Shanghai and enjoy all the Discoveries and Excitement that the World Expo will bring along. This is your chance to experience unforgettable moments and go back home with wonderful memories!

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-Team of Absolutechinatours-

Map of Shanghai World Expo 2010
About Shanghai Expo

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