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Program of Partnership for Overseas Travel Agents and Tour Operators
1. A win-win cooperation programme
The long-haul trips are not easily designed and prepared with customized characters,especially those trips between the East and West due to the big cultural differences as well as the language barrier. To best suit the current market trends with growing personal choices and demand, Absolute China Tours has recently worked out a special program for overseas travel agents and tour operators apart from our existing online B to C business format.
2. Save your time, money as well as your staff
Under this program we invite all the travel agents or tour operators abroad to work with us sharing our experience and professional knowledge of China inbound travel sector over the past 25 years. We will be your travel service provider in China to back up your marketing and sales effort in your country. We believe that our close cooperation will surely enhance your branding and strengthen your marketing power. You do the sales and leave other things to us to handle. We shall see to it that all the services will be booked and reserved without fail, all the coordination shall be made by our professional staff which ensures a smooth trip of your clients in China.
3. Two flexible ways as you like
Any one who may be interested in our program is welcome to send us your enquiry to discuss in details of our cooperation. Basically we work both ways for economic benefit that either on commission at an agreed upon rate between us in advance or we offer you our nett rate on which you can mark up.
We are looking forward to your partnership with us.
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