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Tianhe Ecological Scenic Spot


Tianhe Ecological Scenic SpotTianhe Ecological Scenic Spot (天河生态风景区) is located at the middle section of Tiantai Range (天台山脉) in eastern Zhejiang Province. And Baixi Brook (白溪) – which originated on the mountain top – is the largest water system on it. Good weather all the time because the area belongs to sub-tropical monsoon climate. The condition of the vegetation has always been excellent and so loved by many kinds of wild animal and endangered species. In this 260-square-kilometer scenic area consists of about a hundred of sightseeing spots, in which natural and humanistic scenes are being included.

Gorgeous mountains and beautiful streams should be strongly praised. The peaks look like to be penetrated the white clouds in the heaven. Crystal-clear streams are mirror-like that you can see the bottom. The low cliffs along the scenic banks of the gem-like Tianhe River have colorful trees with evergreen grass. By looking down the river, you can see small and lovely fishes swim in the blue-tinted water. Tianhe Ecological Scenic SpotYou may also feel that you can touch the stones lie and fishes move underwater. The scenic sight can be varied much within a day according to the changes of local weather. Light rain will fall with mist of clouds, or sun shines that will give warmth and colors to the land. All of these views make Tianhe Ecological Scenic Spot a beautiful landscape painting.

In addition to forest sightseeing, you can take a fast yacht to travel around the scenic Baixi Reservoir and enter Dasongxi Valley (大松溪峡谷). The water in the reservoir is of first class. Now the gigantic water pipe project to Ningbo is in progress that the fresh water will be supplied to downtown.



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