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With the approach of the end of 2015 and also the coming of winter season, recently Beijing embraced its first snow in 2015. Now most part of northern China has been through snowing weather. The cold air will continue to sweep the central and eastern China. In winter, especially in December, it will be a particular time. In modern cities like Beijing or Shanghai, together with the Christmas and New Year celebration, winter becomes a romantic time. Many skiing resorts start to provide services. In many tourist attractions, there would be fantastic views. The snows, ice, winter sunlight together make the mountains, lakes, towns another different world.

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Beijing has already embraced the first snow this winter. Everywhere in the ancient and modern city, everything becomes silver color. The Forbidden City covered with snow is a different world. The Great Wall is even becoming a snow wall. With the coming of Christmas and New Year, Beijing is filled with festival atmosphere. If you love hot springs and skiing or skating, there are many options you can take in Beijing city.

Want to grasp a quick view of grand China land? The classic tour is a choice you can not miss. Starting from Beijing, the capital city, the joyful journey starts. After experiencing the northern China, directly, we move to Xi’an, an ancient city with long histories. Then we fly to warm south China to visit Guilin, a city with picturesque landscape. The final destination of the tour is Shanghai, the largest city of China. You will fly back to home country from Shanghai.

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