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November is a season with various wonderful colors. Some tree leaves turn yellow or red and some remain the green color which forms picturesque scenes. In some China’s ancient towns, the autumn landscape is very attractive. Usually when temperature is medium, it is good for a tour to travel among the ancient towns or villages. On one hand, you would discover the unique autumn beauty which does not appear in cities, on the other hand, the folk customs of autumn harvest is also worth experiencing. If you love nature, then the harmony which Chinese ancient towns and the environment reflect can not be missed.

Monthly recommended tour

Starting from Shanghai, there is a perfect route to appreciate the autumn beauty of central China. Mountains, ancient towns, ceramics center and Yangtze cruise would make a whole view of the nature and human landscape of China. It is no rain season in central China and temperature very comfortable. You would certainly enjoy the tour from east directly to west and no way backwards.

Ancient town in north China is quite different from the south. Pingyao is a typical representative. Unlike south China’s Xitang, Wuzhen, there are not too many rivers and bridges. The whole town is large and there are many private yards or personal residences. Quadrangle stands for the residential culture of people in north China. Close to Beijing, the town was affected much in architecture, habits and customs.

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