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Generally when October starts, we say the autumn is coming. East China is abundant with tourism attractions. Rivers, mountains and water towns reveal their unique beauty in this particular season. In autumn, the weather is very perfect for travelling in East China, neither too hot nor cold. Upon climbing mountains, you would see maple leaves filled with joyful red and some trees still in its original color. Walking along rivers, the water shine its blue essence reflecting the sunlight. In some water towns you would be lucky to see the locals’ harvest and cheer for them. There are many to explore in this amazing part of China. Join a trip to find more for it!

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Mt. Huangshan is known as China’s No.1 mountain. Located in East China’s Anhui province, it is a great place for a hiking tour. In autumn season, when the leaves turn red or yellow, that’s the best time to appreciate the beauty of this high peak in golden season. Trees are growing prosperously among the hills and wild animals live there. You would encounter a monkey or squirrel on your way to the mountain top.

East China, mostly known as South of Yangtze River Region, is the wealthiest part of the country. Large cities such as Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Suzhou are famous tourism cities. The autumn in South of Yangtze River Area is very special. All the cities you visit are united with the nature. Maple leaves in Nanjing, water towns in Suzhou, west lake in Hangzhou would make you an unforgettable journey.

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