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Located in the northwest China, Xinjiang’s autumn is always earlier than the mainland. With the approach of September, the most beautiful landscape of Xinjiang start to unfold. Remote from city, Kanas is the place you can not miss for Xinjiang’s autumn. Literally Kanas in mongolian means “beautiful and richly endowed, mysterious”. Famous for the Kanas Lake, the place contains serene lake, vast grassland and deep primary forests. Kanas area is honored as“Oriental Swiss” and “Paradise of Photographers”. The north side of the lake lays a snow mountain. And ranges of trees surround the lake. Every autumn, different colors like golden, deep red, green decorate the lake.

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As one of the TOP 4 civilized countries in the world, China is the destination with the splendid culture, numerous historic relics, fascinating landscapes, friendly people and the tasty food.This 10 days classic China tour will take you to travel in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai which are mostly visited by the international travelers. You will explore the ancient country with your own eyes and ears.

To explore the beauty of Xinjiang’ autumn, now there is a new option for transportation: Lanzhou to Xinjiang high speed railway. It travels along the ancient Silk Road, gathering the essential sites around this area and presenting travelers the natural scenery, history and local customs of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang.

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