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As the world famous natural and cultural heritage, Mt. Emei features the fascinating natural views, well-preserved plants, the “Paradise of Wildlife” as well as its profound culture of Buddhism. Mt. Emei is considered to be the bodhimandala of Buddha Samantabhadra Bodhisattva which makes it one of TOP 4 Buddhist mountains in China. In summer, the average temperature on the mountain is 21.6℃(70.88F), a very comfortable temperature for trekking which makes the mountain a popular destination for travelers. If you are lucky, you will have chance to see the spectacular cloud sea, fascinating sunrise and the mysterious “Light of Buddha”. The graceful Mt. Emei is expecting your arrival this summer.

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Located 170km way from Chengdu, Mt. Emei is one of the four famous mountain ranges in China that Buddhists consider sacred. It was inscribed as world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO in 1996. This special tour will take you to visit the most precious treasure of Sichuan including the lovely giant panda in Chengdu, Giant Buddha In Leshan and graceful Mt.Emei. 

Following Avatar's step to explore Zhangjiajie, a world natural heritage boasting of natural beauty. The odd-shaped peaks and stones, the deep valleys, the clear waters and the typical limestone caves together consist of 'the Five Wonders' of Zhangjiajie and make it a place really attractive and marvelous for travelers! 

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