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With 26 nationalities, splendid culture, fascinating landscapes and the well-preserved world class ancient town, Yunan is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for both the domestic and international travelers. You will not only be amazed by its breath-taking natural views, but also experience its distinguished custom, folkways and warm hospitality. The wild Yunnan and mysterious Shangri-la is calling for your arrival and participation this summer.

Monthly Recommended Tours

Some of us like carrying a backpack, taking a camera and strolling around the most beautiful nature landscapes to record our feelings and emotions. In the itinerary, we will recommend you Yunnan Dongchuan Red land and Terrace field in Yuanyang. Also you can have a chance to admire distinct culture of Hani Nationality.

As one of the 5 autonomous regions in China, Guangxi is the only one which is close to sea. It features the distinguished ethnic folkways and customs, typical and amazing Karst landform as well as splendid culture. The specially designed 6 days tour will take you to the remote Leye, Fengshan and Bama, exploring its fantastic Tiankeng, Karst landform, various stalactites and incredible caves.

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