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On 22 June, 2014, the east section of the ancient Silk Road was finally inscribed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO which was the joint project declared by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrghizstan. As one of the most significant ancient passage in the world for the communication on economy, politics and culture between the east and the west, the Silk Road was considered to be founded around 2th Century B.C. and existed until 16th Century A.D. After the success of the declaring the site as World Cultural Heritage, the Silk Road was again injected with new life and became of the focus of the world. It is exciting to take an expedition tour along the Silk Road and explore the region.

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With a total length of 21km, it starts from Fuling town, Jixi county, Anhui province and ends at Maxiao town, Hangzhou. Enjoying the fun of hiking, exploring the wild nature, releasing the working pressure as well as experiencing the local lifestyle deep in the mountain are all expected on the tour. It is a good choice for the city weekend escapes from Shanghai.
There are many ways we can tour the Silk Road. As we know, most of the Silk Road is in the Gobi desert where the facilities are not so favorable. As we design this tour for those who are interested in the tremendous culture yet not ready to sacrifice comfort, we call it Easy Silk Road Tour.
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