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Located at the remote Southwest of China, the Tea-horse Ancient Road was considered to be the second longest ancient roads in China which started from the typical tea-horse market in southwest and southeast area and reached as far as the West Asia and Red Sea Coast. It was developed in Tang Dynasty and prospered in Ming and Qing dynasties. It is not only an important bridge of economy and culture exchange in Southwest China, but also a terrific travel route for travelers which features its spectacular natural view and distinctive culture. Starting your expedition along the ancient road, exploring its splendid culture and history on your own this autumn.

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Life goes between knowing and unknowing. It may become a common sense. Whether you’ve been there or not, it doesn’t mean you already know it. Playing is art, and a spirit. Live your own life while playing is the philosophy of life. Waiting equals chronic suicide. Don’t wait, just pack up and go, find a new you on the road!
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