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Again it is the time to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Day, the reunion day of the family in China. As one of the 4 most important traditional festivals in China, almost of the Chinese people from both domestic and overseas celebrate the festival, sacrificing the moon, eating the moon cake, appreciating the osmanthus flower and lantern on the day. It was said that the Mid-Autumn Day was firstly celebrated among the common people in Tang Dynasty when China reached its first peak period. It might be developed into an important traditional festival since then.

Monthly Recommended Tours
This tour offers you a chance to enjoy the diverse natural beauty and splendid culture of Sichuan. Breathe in the fresh air of Jiuzhaigou National Reserve and Huanglong National Park, visit the old Hakka town of Luodai, see the giant Buddha in Leshan and famous E’mei Buddhist Mountain.
The 18 days road journey takes you to explore the main part of Qinghai and Tibet. With the Buddhism religion, natural sightseeing and wild animals, the adventure will be a great experience for you in your life.
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