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Searching the destination to go and planning the summer holiday for your family tour? China might be one of the best choices. For its vast area of the territory, you will be easy to find a cool place. Riding on the endless Hulunbeir Grassland in Inner Mongolia, traveling in the southwest corner of China in Yunnan province to see the Snow Mountain, enjoying the fascinating natural view of Jiuzhai Valley in Sichuan Province, exploring the mysterious Tibet with its distinct culture or spending your time in the summer resort、villas in Mt. Moganshan. Escape the hot summer and enjoy a cool vacation in China right away.

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Congratulations! The Silk Road was inscribed as the World Cultural Heritage on June 22, 2014 on 38th World Heritage Conference in Doha. The Silk Road had been given the new vigor since then. Come to explore the ancient Silk Road and get the first bite of the new world cultural heritage on your own.
The whole journey lasts 8 days (2000km) and covers two major areas Lhasa and Nyingchi. You will spend long driving time in go-anywhere vehicle between Lhasa and Nyingchi but with incredible amazing views along the road, such as green forests, snow mountains, herds of sheep and yaks as well as rivers, waterfall and lakes.
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