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Located at the border of Yunan, Guizhou and Sichuan, Luoping County holds the grand cauliflower festival every year. In February and March, you will see a huge cauliflower sea with an area of 53,000 hectare, the mountains scattering on the gorgeous golden brocade, golden river banks and valleys on the land. The typical ethnic activities, local gourmet week and sensational performance are also worthwhile to participate in. In the past 11 years, the country has over 160 million visitors both from home and abroad.

Monthly Recommended Tours
This tour will take you to the southeast of Yunnan, visit the impressive terraced fields which are famed as the Art of Earth and experience the unique Hani ethnic folklore culture. The best time to visit Yuanyang Terraced fields is between December and April in second year.
Hangzhou is a beautiful, elegant and ancient city located in the east of China. It was the capital of China in the Southern Song Dynasty. The culture of luxurious and leisure life had been deeply rooted among the citizens for centuries. Hangzhou is also titled with Tea Capital of China. When you travel here, you must not miss to taste the top green tea of China-Longjing tea.
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