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As one of the Top 4 largest ice and snow festivals in the world, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival was firstly held on January 5, 1985.Since then it had become an annual event in Harbin from January 5 to February 5. During the festival, visitors can attend quite a lot of activities inclusive of ice lantern show, snow sculpture display, international ice and snow sculpture competitions, winter swimming etc. It is absolutely an incredible journey to the fairyland of crystal palace.

Monthly Recommended Tours
The photographing tour is specially made for you to discover the wild nature of the world famous natural heritage Yellow Mountain and the well-preserved cultural village via your camera. You might see the spectacular sunset and sunrise, the fantastic cloud sea as well as the typical architecture style of South of Anhui.
Winter in Harbin is definitely a crystal fairyland built by snow and ice. The exquisite and vivid ice carvings, various activities in Yabuli Skiing Resort are the highlights of the winter season. Come and start your memorable tour in Harbin this winter.
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