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Firstly opened in 1929 and resumed in 2000, Hangzhou West Lake Expo had again played an important role in the world after 71-year interruption. 2013 Hangzhou West Lake EXPO, the 15th exhibition, will open on Oct 12, 2013 and end on Nov,9,2013. With the aim of "The innovation of technology,The transition of Industry ", the EXPO will focus on the leading pole of project to the development of economy. By the themed exhibiton, 5 economic and trading fairs and 5 industry exhibitions, the EXPO will comprehensively present you the development of the Hangzhou city as well as promote the communication among economy,commerce and technology.

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Hangzhou, with a history over 2200 years in eastern China, was reputed as the "Heaven City" by Marco polo for its prosperity,beauty and elegance. As the capital of China in South Song Dynasty. The culture of luxurious and easy life had been popular for centuries here. Hangzhou is also titled with Tea Capital of China, when you visit the city, you must not miss the local Dragon Well tea.
Nowadays it is not difficult for people with bad mobility to travel in Beijing and Shanghai. Most 4-star and 5-star hotels in these two cities offer free rent of wheelchairs. And you will easily find the barrier-free signs in most of the public zone inclusive of airports, hotels, subway, railway stations, museums and scenic spots.You will definitely enjoy a pleasant and barrier free trip in this trip.
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