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Located in the middle of Shanxi Province, Pingyao ancient city features the well-preserved city wall, ancient streets, stores, residential buildings and historic heritages of the Ming and Qing dynasty style.It presents us a whole scroll of distinct culture,society,ecnomy and religion of ancient China.It is definitely the masterpiece among the ancient cities in China. In 2001, Pingyao International Photograhy Festival was firstly held as a promotion for the ancient city.It attracts the photographers both at home and abroad every year. Nowadays, PIPF has become the bridge connecting eastern and Western civilization and promoted China to dialogue with the world.The 2013 PIPE will be held from Sep 19 to Sep 25 in Pingyao. And the subject of this year is The Image of Walking Towards Life.

Recommended Pingyao Tours
Pingyao,the stunning pearl of Shanxi, is more and more popular among demostic and foreigner tourists. Strolling in the ancient town and visiting the well-preserved ancient streets, stores, temples and residential houses which were built in Ming and Qing dynasties, it makes you feel that you are back to the ancient China and its splendid past.
Enjoy a terrific guided trip in China with Absolute China Tours by visiting Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, Suzhou and Shanghai.Take advantage of this special offer and witness the impressive landscapes,well-preserved ancient buildings and heritages, fascinating waterways and gardens,the prosperous metropolis and the distinct cultural experience which only belong to China.
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