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The Silk Road began during the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) extending 4,000 miles from Changan (today’s Xian) to Dunhuang, through Turpan, Kashgar, and into modern Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. The ancient Silk Road once played a most important role in exchange of both trade and culture. It will be a unique experience to trek along the ancient trade route and experience the mystique and romance of the Silk Road.
Being the most important trading route for centuries,Silk Road had witnessed the commodities and culture exchange between China and the west. The expedition tour will bring you back to the remote history and sagas. You will start from the anicent capital city Xian,pass by 9 important cities and end on Urumqi with a total length of 1850 miles. You will have the chance to see the highlights of the Silk Road and uncover its mysterious veil.
The Silk Road, mentioned by lots of stories and legends, actually existed with several different routes instead of one. In this tour, you are able to create your own story. The journey offers you an opportunity to discover the less travelled section--South Silk Road.
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