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Earth Day is observed on April 22 each year. The aim of Earth Day is to provoke people’s consciousness of taking good care of our mother land in boosting the coordinated development of natural resources and environment protection. In China, Yunnan is a typical province both abundant in ecological condition and rich in ethnic group customs. Hence, for tourists, it’s an amazing place to enjoy the harmony between human and nature.
   Top Destinations in Yunnan    Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-la, Kunming, Xishuangbanna, etc.
Yunnan is a melting pot of Chinese minority nationalities. This 8 days discovering tour will bring you a chance to experience and appreciate the authentic minority ethnic life in Yunnan as well as the fantastic natural Karst landforms. If you are a tourist interested in customs of ethnic groups, then you will gain what you need from this fabulous tour.
Meaning "tweleve thousand rice fields", Xishuangbanna is rich in nature, historical and cultural resources and is noted for its folklore, rain forests, rare plants and wildlife. Dai people make up the 29.89% of the population in that area. The well-known traditional festival is the ethnic Dai's Water-Splashing Festival.
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