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Canton Fair, known as China Import and Export Fair by full name, is the largest and most influential trade fair in China. The Fair serves as an international comprehensive business platform. Export trade is the focus of the fair, though import is done here, too. Other business activities may include economic and technical cooperation and exchanges, advertising, consultation, etc.
Spring Canton Fair, 2013 (113th)   Autumn Canton Fair, 2013 (114th)
Phase 01: Apr. 15-19, 2013;
Phase 02: Apr. 23-27, 2013;
Phase 03: May 01-05, 2013;
  Phase 01: Oct. 15-19, 2013;
Phase 02: Oct. 23-27, 2013;
Phase 03: Oct. 31-Nov. 04, 2013;
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2013 Guizhou Ethnic Festival at a Glance
With over 20 ethnic groups co-exist, Guizhou is a land of diversity, both geographically and culturally. Kaili, the capital city of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Prefecture, boasts over 130 festivals, hence lives up to the fame as “Land of Festivals". Guiyang city also boasts many festivals. It is worth visiting. Here are tours for your reference.
7-Day Guizhou Landscape and Ethnic Culture Tour
Charming Guizhou Tour.
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