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Authentic Chinese New Year with Local Family
Chinese New Year, known as “Spring Festival”, is the most important holiday among significant Chinese population no matter they are at home or abroad. With a history of more than 4,000 years, Chinese New Year has many traditional customs reflecting Chinese culture. If you want to know how Chinese people prepare for or celebrate the coming New Year; wonder about which animal is the sign of 2013; and also you are interested in having an authentic New Year Eve dinner with Chinese and look for funny stuffs during temple fair; then please come to Beijing and enjoy the strong atmosphere of Chinese New Year in February with the locals.
Top ten internet catchphrases for 2012 in China
With the year-end nearing, populous blogger Sanxia Zaixian presents his fans a big present home-made—the top ten internet catchphrases for 2012.
No1. Are you happy with your life?
你幸福吗?[nǐ xìng fú ma ?] 我姓曾。 [wǒ xìng zēng 。]
No. 2: Diaos 屌丝 [ diǎo sī ]
No. 3: XX Style [Do you know Gangnam Style]
No.4: Can I spit four-letter words?
我能说脏话吗? [wǒ néng shuō zāng huà ma ? ]
No. 5: I would not believe in love ever again.
我再也不相信爱情了 [ wǒ zài yě bù xiāng xìn ài qíng le ]
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