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Shoton is the transliteration of two Tibetan words which mean 'Yoghurt Banquet'. The festival originated at Drepung Monastery, as a celebration to mark the end of the monks' Yarné, their hundred day summer retreat. It begins on the new moon marking the end of the sixth Tibetan month. It includes performances of the musical dance dramas known as Ache Lhamo (Tibetan Opera).Besides traditional celebration activities, the festival has developed into a pageant for attracting investment, business exchanges, products display and tourism introduction.

Today, modern connotation has been endued to this time-honored festival while rich traditional flavors are reserved with distinct ethnic characteristics as well as profound culture content.


Have you ever been in a dilemma to go on an escorted tour or travel independently? An escorted tour is surely more worry-free but a bit expensive. Traveling independently offers more flexibility and saves cost but one also faces more challenges in an exotic country like China. Many concerns might delay your dream China tour. But now, our new concept Secured Free and Easy China tour surely will be suitable for you and make your journey free, easy and affordable.

What is Secured Free and Easy China tour?
Secured Free and Easy tour provides you with the following services genuinely:
Booking your favorite or distinctive hotels;
    Booking plane or train tickets for your next destination.
One way pick -up service from airport or train station to the hotel;
    One highlight visit in the city ;
Leisure and relaxing solo tour with tour guide on your phone

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