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  After visiting the grand view of the Great Wall, travelers to Beijing shouldn't miss the Beijing Roasted Duck. To enjoy the famous duck, the restaurant Quan Ju De is the best choice for you. It has several chain stores in Beijing. The oldest Qu Ju De opened in 1860. With such a long history, the duck here is said to be the best in Beijing, and the service is very good as well. Beijing Duck is always served in well-cut slices. The whole duck must be sliced into 120 pieces and every piece has to be perfect with the complete layers of the meat. Usually there are many dishes served with the duck, including a dish of fine-cut shallot, a dish of cucumber and finally a dish of paste-like soy of fermented wheat flour. Without these the dainty duck is surely in the shade.  
  Speaking of Tianjin, a city near to Beijing, Guifaxiang 18th Street Fried Dough Twist is the most authentic fried dough twist there and also enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. It becomes the first of the "Top 3 Tianjin Snacks" because of the carefully selected materials, the great process, golden-color and the full-bodied flavor. The other two are the "Go Believe Stuffed-bum" and "Erduoyan Fried Cake".  
  Summer is the best season to travel to Inner Mongolia. In July and August, Inner Mongolia will emerge its natural beauties since the cool weather will last 2 months. It is fabulous to ride a horse in the broad grassland and enjoy the breeze blowing your face. Moreover, the Annual Nadam Fair will be held on the boundless grassland during that period to celebrate the bumper harvest and enjoy fun of amusement. At that time, you can join in the grand festival with travelers from all over the world. You will gather together to taste the special dishes in Inner Mongolia, such as the ShuanYang Rou, it is a Mongolia mutton hotpot which is popular around the travelers. Put the slices mutton in the boiled secret-made soup for seconds, and then you can try the delicacy.  
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