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Do you know the flower in the picture? Carnation is a symbol for mother throughout the world. But in China, dated back to the record of The Book of Songs in Spring and Autumn Period, day lily is the mother flower in China, 萱草花(xuān cǎo huā)in Chinese. The flower language is letting mother forget all the unpleasant things. In ancient time, when young people left home, they would plant day lily in front of mother’s room, for this flower would relieve a mother’s worry about her child. From time to time, it becomes mother flower in China naturally.



Life is a journey which is just like travel, full of challenges and mysteries. Taking a camera, and follow us to Yunnan, Absolute China Tours will give you an inconceivable experience.
May is the right time for visiting amazing Yunnan province in China. Along this trip, you will enjoy the Red land which is considered to be the most powerful red land besides the one in Brazil but more magnificent and beautiful. Also, you can admire sunrise and sunset in the Terraced Fields as well as unique Hani culture.



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