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  Spring is the best season to embrace nature in China. Therefore, we will offer you a comfortable tour in which you will hike the Yellow Mountain (a World Heritage) to see the most fantastic pine tree and cloud sea, enjoy the intoxicating rape flower sea in Wuyuan and cruise downstream Yangtze River which is the longest river in China.  
  While visiting the Great Wall in 1972, Richard Nixon exclaimed “You would have to conclude that this is a great wall and that it had to be built by great people”. And when he stood in front of the West Lake, he admirably praised her beauty as being just like a postcard. Unsurprisingly, forty years ago, his one-week visit to three cities has changed China and the World. It's your opportunity now. Why not pick up your baggage to visit China for yourself? It may change your world!  
  Love Chinese Food? Want to DIY without MSG? Want to learn something about Chinese food culture? And learn some Chinese language? Four questions, if say “yes” more than two, hurry up, please get what you need on our facebook page 2Chinesefood now.  
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