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The 11th Hangzhou China West Lake International Expo Kicks off


The opening ceremony of West Lake International Expo held in the central plaza in the avenue of stars along the Qiantang River, hangzhou,China

The opening ceremony of West Lake International Expo held in the central plaza in the Avenue of Stars along the Qiantang River, Hangzhou, China.

Hangzhou China Oct 17, 2009- The 11th session of Hangzhou China West Lake International Expo kicked off on Oct 17, 2009. Vice-chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress avowedly proclaimed the opening of West-Lake International Expo. 

Hangzhou West Lake International Expo started in 1929. Since it was resumed in 2000, it has been successfully staged for eight consecutive times. The Expo gives prominence to the aim for "a platform for developing the convention and exhibition industry, a carrier of cultural and ideological progress, and a festival for the ordinary people and the tourists from home and abroad", sticks to the goal of "people first, thrift, virtue and safety", thus playing the role as a platform, leader and incubator for developing the convention and exhibition industry.

This session of West Lake International Expo in total consists of 122 items, which is the maximum in its history. This year's theme is "Confidence of Hangzhou, Quality of West-Lake Expo". The whole exposition is more internationalized in scale and more enriched in items. According to schedule, there will be 38 conferences held during this expo; the number of participants will be up to 27,000. The area of the planned exhibition will be more than 600,000 square meters. 16 international exhibitions like PATA Tourism Fair and 54 festival programmes like the newly-introduced Asia-Pacific Folk Art Festival and Hangzhou International Carnival participated by more than 500 performers at home and abroad.

The target of this year's West-Lake Expo is highlighted with people first, thrift, virtue and safety. All preparatory jobs will not influence the local people's daily life. Superstars will be uninvited on Opening Ceremony to cut down the consumption and The Fireworks Performance will be live broadcasted via TV to benefit more people.

The 11th West-Lake International Expo will end on 7 November. It is jointly organized by many authorities such as UN World Tourism Organization, China National Tourism Administration, Zhejiang Province Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on.

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