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Love-Oriented Electric Vehicle Used in Shanghai Pudong International Airport


the love-oriented electric vehicle in Shanghai Pudong International Airport
The above photo shows the love-oriented electric vehicle in Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai China Oct 16, 2009-In the morning of Oct 16, the authority of Shanghai Pudong International Airport held the opening ceremony to start up the first batch of electric vehicles for love orientation in Terminal 2. This batch of electric vehicles was firstly used for solving the problem that passengers in domestic flight zone have to walk a long way. It actually facilitates the passengers and offers the personalized service for participants of Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Totally, there are 6 electric vehicles were used firstly, and the service time is from7:00 to 22:00. The service will be the area from the place that passengers pass the security check to airplane entrance. Shanghai Pudong International Airport also provides the Love Channel for free. The older above 70 years old, the pregnant women and the crippled passengers can get it free. The average passengers should pay 10 RMB per person.

To guarantee the offered service is high-quality, highly-effective and safe in terminal, Shanghai Pudong International Airport employs the staff among a number of social candidates. 18 excellent service men from more than 1600 graduates from colleges were finally employed. After the systematical training, all employees prominently get the way how to drive these electric vehicles. These drivers meanwhile can also offer the passengers the basic information about Shanghai World Expo in Chinese and English. 

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