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The Trational Building--Zhang Junpei House

Recently, Pudong New Area announced the first 320 cultural relic’s protection points, five of them newly discovered after 2011. "Zhang Peijun house" is a representative of the traditional dwellings with 100 hundred years of vicissitudes. "Zhang Peijun house" is located in Xinchang Street No. 303, built in the early Republic of China, covering an area of 774 square meters, sitting east of the west. It is a traditional courtyard with wood structure. The most attractive view points are the horsed shaped gables and the Guanyin pocket gables. The gable called “Guanyin pocket” is similar to the fishing net, meaning the blessing and good in folk. The horsed shaped gable is named because of the similar shape. The two architectures are typical points in the ancient citizen building of South China. The design of the two gables leads a strong visual impact.
For suffering from nearly a hundred years of wind and rain, the house was damaged more serious. After repairs, the north of the house has been divided off by using the general door style. Besides, there is an opera stage and landscape in the repaired house, where we can enjoy the local traditional opera show and other performances. At present, "Zhang Peijun house" is full of new vitality, and becomes a place to displace old and new cultures, culture imagination of ancient town.
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