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Surfing Carnival at Qiantang River Kicks off and 600 Thousand Travelers Marvel at Spectacular tide

Travelers along the bank marvel at the spectacular Qiantang tide
Travelers along the bank marvel at the spectacular tide.

On this special day, there are 600,000 travelers standing on riverbank marveled at the spectacular tide of Qiantang River that takes place every year when annual Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival comes. Undoubtedly, the great tide-watching gathering is unforgettable thanks to the kickoff of first session China Surfing Carnival in Hangzhou.

Customarily, in the light of the surfers' safety, Surfing on Qiantang River during the days of great tide took place was prohibited strictly. In Oct. 2007, 11 foreign surfers was about to surf on the river but forbidden by policemen. Subsequently, based on this news, a hot argument came out on whether it was acceptable to open a professional zone for surfing or not. In Oct. 2008, Sports Bureau of Hangzhou positively invited some foreign professional athletes to try and evaluate the possibilities of surfing on Qiantang River. The consequence was affirmative.

On 6 October, at midday, famous as Top Tide on Earth took place, and there were roughly 600,000 travelers came to watch such a special scene, though the tide was lower than what experts foretold.

In the meantime, First Session Surfing Carnival also formally kicked off. This surfing carnival started from Tide-Watching Town of Xiaoshan to City Balcony of Qianjiang New Area of Hangzhou. The final marks of surfers in this match were issued on 7 October. Two world records were also said to be broken. Qiantang River at present is one of four inland rivers that qualified for surfing throughout the world. This surfing carnival attracted more than 10 top surfers in the world. 

The scene of this Surfing Carnival.

Hangzhou begun to raise its own professional surfers when many international surfers came to Hangzhou. Currently, there would be a special surfing school established in New Town of Qianjiang. And this school was planned to be completed in the next years. After it functioned, at least, annually, more than ten professional surfers would be raised. Surfing industry would be also a new segment of Hangzhou economy and surfing would be also the new-born part of Hangzhou tourism. 

Reference Source:
Sina News (Chinese version)

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