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Huangshan Mountain with Snow

Recently, with the mutual influence of the cold air from the North and warm,humid airflow from the Southeast of China, the big snow attacked a wide range in China. The world natural and cultural site, Huangshan Mountain also encountered the continuous raining and snow weather. The temperature on the mountain even dropped to -10 degrees centigrade. The depth of the mixture of ice and snow on the pine tree reached up to 20 cm.

The wild nature is absolutely the greatest magician. The branches, leaves, trees, rock, peaks, valleys are perfectly decorated with snow and ice. The world here is quite and peaceful. The beauty of the mountain seems to be frozen. It makes the whole mountain a “Fairyland on Earth”. It’s absolutely the big day for both the amateur and professional photographers as they can expect to shoot the top snow view of the mountain.The snow scenery is considered to be one of TOP 5 Wonders of Huangshan Mountain.

It was said that the scenic area was shut down for a short while and reopened since 12:00 of Jan 29. We suggest to take the cable car up and down the mountain to save the energy, wear the slip-proof shoes and winter coat when you plan to travel in Huangshan Mountain recently. Come and explore the amazing ice world by your own.
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