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A 6-Year-Old Taiwan Girl Experienced Her Silk Road Tour by Bike


a 6-year-old girl accomplishes her silk road tour by bicycle
The girl and her parents start their tour from Xian on July 9th, and acommplish their riding to Turpan on Sept.10th, and she becomes the youngest one to finish this route.

Chen Xuan, a 6-year-old Taiwan girl accompanied with her parents in July made a great 2100 km Silk Road Bicycle Tour from Xian to Turpan, due to her indulgence in Chinese classical novel named The Pilgrimage to The West and the leading actor Monkey King.

The above picture shows the image of Monkey King in the TV series based on the classic Chinese novel
The above picture shows the image of Monkey King in the TV series based on the classic Chinese novel "The Pilgrimage to The West"(西游记)

Just went out of kindergarten this year, Chen Xuan begun her cycling life at the age of 3, and then she rode more than 10 kilometers every day. This bicycle tour of Silk Road had 2100 kilometers, and every day, Chen Xuan must ride six or seven hours. On 3 July, Started from Xian, they went through Tianshui, Lintao, Lanzhou, Wuwei, Jiuquan, Dunhuang, Yumenguan, Hami and ended their tour in front of the Themed Sculpture of The Pilgrimage to The West located in Turfan.

Chen Xuan's father named Chen Shouzhong is the director of China Bicycle Culture Association. He said amid their tour a lot of mainland friends gave them many helps, which made them feel the kindness and hospitality of people inhabited in northwest China. On hearing they from Taiwan, the local people are quite friendly and kind to them, and they ate the grape free of charge when entered Xinjiang. When they got to a place named Guazhou, they all got tired and Chen Shouzhong caught sunstroke. At this time, a local peasant sent them to the destination by his truck and accommodated them.

Chen Xuan's mother deeply felt her daughter grew up and independent. Chen Xuan said it was full of fun though it was hard, and she also said she saw the Yellow River and the Sculpture of Monkey King as well as Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.

Chen Shouzhong's father was from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and went to Taiwan in 1947. Chen Shouzhong and his wife had a hometown tour in the past, and he said Quanzhou is the starting point of Oceanic Silk Road. He felt this Silk Road Bicycle Tour was impressive. If possible, he would experience the charm of Oceanic Silk Road again with his wife and daughter. 

Reference source: Sina News (Chinese version)

(This news article is a translation from Chinese texts for travel reference. It does not represent the views of AbsoluteChinaTours)

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