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2014 Shanghai Grand View Garden Temple Fair


Time:   Jan 31, 2013 to February 5, 2014

Add: Daguan Park

Fee: RMB 60
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Feature of 2014 Shanghai Grand View Park Temple Fair


2014 Shanghai Grand View Garden Temple Fair(2014上海大观园庙会) features folklore performances, endless gourmet options and eye-opening royal parade of the Qing Dynasty. It provides an insightful peek into the dying customs of a bygone era and classic events depicted by A Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China’s top four classics penned by Cao Xueqin.

Timetable of 2014 Shanghai Grand View Garden Temple Fair


Jan 31,2013 The Royal Parade of Emperor

Feb 1 to 2: the Princess Selecting her Husband

Feb 3,2014: Concubine Visiting the Grand View Park (Daguan Park)

Feb 4, 2014; Receiving the God of Wealth

Feb 5, 2014: ethnic performances

Highlights of 2014 Shanghai Grand View Garden Temple Fair

In “the Parade of Imperial Concubines Visiting their Parents”, you can see dozens of girls clad in traditional gorgeous attires, just like those in movies and TVs.

During the part “Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View Park”, you can observe the clown character Grandma Liu leads others to tour around the Grand View Park, giving out peanuts, Longan and specialties from the countryside. (Grandma Liu, a poor lady from countryside, visited the Grand View Garden to see her relatives. The resplendent garden knocked out of her senses. Her funny remarks and behavior become the laughing stock of her noble relatives. )

Tiao Jia Guan Dance” is performed for celebrating promotion. During this performance, gifts such as gold ingots will be given out as gifts.

Shanghainese will also perform Fan Dance, Basket Dance and other exotic dances. These dances always welcome everyone to join them.

For single men, “Throw the Embroidered Ball Game” is not to be missed. 12 beautiful Chinese ladies will throw those delicates balls in the second floor, to the men they like. Those lucky guys will be clad in yellow robe. Accompanied by these girls and a gathering crowd, he will be treated as the bridegroom for at least half an hour.

Receiving the God of Wealth”: Presided over by a man acting Jia Zhen, dozens of actors will perform the ritual of “Receiving the God of Wealth” along the entry of Shanghai Daguan Park (Shanghai Grand View Park). Chinese knots and “golden” ingots will be handled out to lucky tourists.

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