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Oriental Star Capsized on Yangtze River on June 1

Around 9:30pm on June 1, the cruise ship Oriental Star carrying 458 people capsized near Jianli country in Huibei provice.

The cruise ship left Nanjing on May 28 for a 10-day trip and supposed to arrive at Chongqing on June 7. According to news from China Meteorological Administration, a strong tornado was reported in the area around the time and suddenly attacked the ship. The ship capsized and sank within only 2 minutes. On the ship, there are 406 passengers(mainly old people),46 crew and 5 staffs from the travel agency which organized the groups for the trip. According to the latest updates,14 survivors and 65 dead are found, 379 people missing. The rescuring work is still in process.
Let's pray for the missing passengers! Wish more survivors could be found!  

-About the capsized ship Oriental Star
As the economy cruise of Chongqing Oriental Shipping Compnay, the ship mainly targets to the domestic markets. With a total capacity of 534 passengers, the ship has a length of 76.5m (83.7 yard)and a width of 11 m(12 yards).The ship was originally built in 1994 and taken several renovation.

-About the safety on Yangtze Cruise tour who are booked with China Absolute Tours
*We do not receive any warnnings from the cruise company. All the Yangtze cruise ships between Chongqing to Yichang are in business as normal, not affected by the accident.
*All the cruise ships we booked for the clients are the luxury Yangtze Cruise Ships for foreigners. They are much bigger and heavier than the Oriental Star and designed with less cabins than Oriental Star which make it more stable and safer in the same condition.
*The route of Yangtze Cruise is between Chongqing and Yichang, not in the region where the accident happened. Besides, the route is between three gorges which gets though the high mountains. The tornado could not happen in the area.
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June 4, 2015 
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