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Mount Emei Marriage Stone to Settle in Mount Rigi in This July

In the end of July Mount Emei marriage stone will settle in Mount Rigi in Switzerland after 8,000 km long trek. Since last September when Mount Emi and Rigi gave each other a marriage stone, the two mountains have built better relationship and facilitated further cultural exchange between China and Switzerland.

The two mountains have similar peaks. On both summits can one appreciate intoxicating scenery, fascinating sunrise and sunset.

In 2009 representatives of the two scenic areas signed a contract in Mount Emei and formally established partnership. They agreed on a three-year cooperation plan. In July, 2010 representatives of Mount Emei scenic area visited Mount Rigi accompanied by China's representatives to the Chinese consulate general in Zurich and joint a signing ceremony in Mount Rigi with representative of Mount Rigi. In November, 2012 Mount Emei witnessed the friendly exchange between the two sister mountains.

In September, 2014 Rigi stone, a symbol of friendship between China and Switzerland traveled from far away to settle in Mount Emei. The 2.5 tons of Rigi stone had its home on the golden top at an altitude of 3079 meters of Mount Emei.
July 22, 2015
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