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2014 Longhua Temple Fair Occurs in Apirl 2

Time: March 3rd (lunar month) April 2, 2014

History: over 400 years


Longhua Temple Fair(上海龙华庙会) is the grandest and most ancient folk carnival in southeast China. Initially, Longhua Temple Fair was hosted to commemorate Maitreya, the Happy Buddha, or the Future Buddha. Gradually, it incorporates other activities such as performances and trade. During its zenith, it attracted over five million visitors.

See & Do: Stroll along Longhua Temple to gaze upon its myriad statues and pagodas, praying for good luck and fortune for the coming year; sample the esteemed vegetarian dishes or delicious street food; join the various festivities catered for foreign visitors; enjoy beGuiling singing, dancing, acrobatics, lantern show, Lion Dance and Dragon Dance; practice Kung Fu in the morning; participate in the collective dance held in front of Longhua Temple during the night.

Add: No 2853, Longhua Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Get in: Bus 733、932、166、41、44、809、734、933、864、73、87、104、178 166
map of longhua temple fair
Author: Sophia    Posted on Dec 23, 2013
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