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Hangzhou Top Ten Things to do in 2014 Spring

Hi, everyone, this is Sophia from I have lived in Hangzhou, the paradise city for 7 years and here goes my hand-picked list of top things to do in Hangzhou 2014 Spring:
(1) Visit Hangzhou Botanic Garden from middle Jan to early March. It is the best place to see plum blossoms in Zhejiang province
hangzhou botanic garden plum blossom
hangzhou botanic garden plum blossom
hangzhou botanic garden plum blossom
              Me at Hangzhou Botanic Garden this Spring

(2) Be a superstar at Hangzhou Prince Bay Park. Bursting with colorful tulips, cherry&peach blossoms during April, this park is a Mecca for daily &wedding photos.
hangzhou prince bay
hangzhou prince bay
hangzhou prince bay
hangzhou prince bay

(3) Cycling, hiking or cruising West Lake to take in the serene beauty inspired numerable scholars, artists and romantics alike. Enjoy the peach and cherry blossoms along Su Causeway. Spring Dawn at Su Causeway ranks No.1 in the list of West Lake Top Ten Sights.
west lake spring su causeway hangzhou
hangzhou west lake spring
                                                                       Baochu Pagoda in the distance

(4) Visit Longjing Tea Plantation to familiarize with emerald and juicy Dragon Well Green Tea, the best and most expensive green tea throughout China. Enjoy a meal at a local farmer’s restaurant and sip authentic Dragon Well Tea with cheap price. Hangzhou cuisine, with a perfect blend of light flavor and fresh texture, will tantalize your palate instantly. Drop by National Tea Museum to know everything about tea.
longjin tea plantation
longjin tea plantation
longjin tea plantation
longjin tea plantation
(5) Be intrepid and explore Longmen Ancient Town and pick some fresh strawberry during the way. With around RMB 100, you can eat and buy around 3.5kg fresh strawberries home.
longmen ancient town
longmen ancient town
(6) Join Hangzhou International Cartoon and Animation Festival on April 28,2014
hangzhou international cartoon animation festival

(7)Yiwu Consumer Goods Sourcing Fair Apr. 20, 2014 to Apr. 22, 2014

(8) China Crystal and Glass Product Fair May. 24, 2014 to May. 31, 2014 Yiwu

(9) Lanting International Calligraphy Festival Apr. 2014 Zhejiang
read the 28th Lanting Internation Calligraphy Festival in 2012

(10) If you are still in town till June, do not miss the China Tea Industry Expo 2014 held at Hangzhou Peace Exhibition Center from Jun 20-23, 2014, for it is the best time to choose the right tea with reasonable price. You will be spoiled by choices.
Since Absolute China Tours is based in Hangzhou, we can ensure you enjoy the best of Hangzhou at the most reasonable price. Welcome to explore paradise Hangzhou with us this spring...

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Author: Sophia    Posted on Mar 7,2014
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