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Cost of Living of China and its top 44 Cities in 2013

Since 2009, cost of living keeps rising across China, especially along coastal cities and its megalopolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Travelers to China usually want to know the living cost of the Chinese cities they are heading to. Here goes a short list of the average cost of living, and the average price of buying a house in China's top 44 cities in 2013, for your reference.

1 Shanghai: RMB6643.00  The financial go-go capital of China, Shanghai, which means" go to the sea", is a city of 16million that remembers its hallucinating history. Cost of living is high, but the salary is high also. (By far, Shanghai tops the list as the most expensive city in mainland China. It ranks as the 18th expensive city to live in the world. In 2000, Beijing was the 5th most expensive city in the world, now, it dropped to the 22th.)
Buy a house: RMB10,000 to 50,000RMB per square meter   Average price: 28,265 (Shanghai's house is the most expensive in China in  2013)
Rent an appartment: at least RMB 1,500 per month(one living room+one bedroom)
Eating: at least RMB20
Get around: Metro Line: RMB120/month
Shopping: shop online can save you a lot of money (try taobao, China's eBay)
2 Beijing RMB6600.00  The political and cultural heart of China, Beijing has a rich history that is mirrored in its spectacular palaces, temples and parks. However, this does not mean it is shackled to the past. Beijing is a vibrant international capital that is moving toward the future at hyper-speed. Beijing's house price is the highest in China. As to food and clothes, you can find cheap and expensive ones. The entry fees of sights are cheap. For instance, the Forbidden City only charges RMB 40.
Buy a House: average price 27,349/square meter

Shopping: Beijing has shopping options for all tastes and budgets.
beijing absolutechinatours 
3 Shenzhen : RMB5280.00  Once a sleeping village, Shenzhen has evolved into an economic powerhouse. A spirit of pragmatism pervades throughout Shenzhen's unusually young population of migrant workers.
Buy a house: RMB 27,135 /square meter
4 Guangzhou RMB4750.00 Few cities have developed as quickly as Guangzhou and while many guides may treat their metropolitan with disdain, the city has many attractions for those who seek them out.
Buy a house: RMB16,073/square meter
guangzhou flower bird market
5 Hangzhou RMB 4980.00     Centuries ago, Hangzhou has been reputed as the Paradise City. With the sparkling West Lake form a centerpiece, this whole city breathes a laid back air. Ancient temples, wooded boulevards, pedestrian streets, TCM pharmacies, sumptuous villas, Ming-era gardens, museums, art galleries, rolling hills and tea plantations are its drawing cards. It is the Chinese city combining the best of old and modern China. If you want to enjoy the essence of ancient China in a single outing, Hangzhou is the place to head to.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB16813 /square meter
6.Nanjing RMB 3780.00 Nanjing has seen its shares of ups and downs--from an imperial capital to the capital of the Taiping Rebellion in Chinese history and later became capital of the Republic of China.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 12517
7.Wuxi:RMB 3200.00    Since ancient time, scholars and businessmen have flocked to the idyllic Wuxi.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 8651
8.Suzhou:RMB 4300.00  Suzhou is world-renowned for its otherworldly gardens.
Buy a house: average cost:RMB 12729
9.Jinan:RMB 3120.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 9019
10.Taiyuan:RMB1980.00  Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi. It flushed with funds due to the flourishing coal industry. Iconic sights include Five Terraced Mountain (Wutai Mountain), Hukou Waterfall, Pingyao Ancient City and Yungang Grottoes.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6335
11.Yinchuan:RMB 1100.00  Yinchuan is the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Living cost is low here. Signature sights include Xumishan Grottoes, Chengtiansi Pagoda and HElanshan Rock Painting.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 5155
12 Kunming:RMB 2800.00  With balmy weather, lush vegetation and colorful tribes, Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, is a top destination for backpackers. Do not miss the Stone Forest, Golden Temple, Dianchi Lake, JiuXiang Cave, Jinmabiji Archway and Qiongzhu Temple.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 8241
13.Guizhou:RMB 1600.00  The last hidden world, Guizhou. The rugged terrain is inhabited by dozens of tribes creating the most enlightening civilizations. Its southeast area, which concentrates the majority of Miao and Dong ethnic groups, is a joyful riot of sights, color and scents. What is better, your every penny spent here well worth it. (It is among one of the cheapest cities in China, which can rival that of southeast countries.)
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 4911
guzhou dixi drama
14.Nanchang:RMB 1200.00  Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi, which is famous for Mt Lushan, Tiger Dragon Mountain, Wuyuan Village, Jingdezhen (the hometown of ceramics), Poyang lake (China’s top bird watching destination) and Mt Jinggangshan (the cradle of communist party). Living cost is much cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wenzhou.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 9233
15.Fuzhou:RMB 3380.00 Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian province, which is renowned for Mt Wuyi, Taining World Geopark, Tulou, and Gulang Island.
Buy a house: average cost: 13,887/square meter
16.Xiamen:RMB 4100.00  Xiamen is one of China’s top ten most livable cities. Job opportunities abound. Salary is good. Living cost is reasonable high.
Buy a house: RMB 16,218/square meter
17.Qingdao:RMB 4000.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 9405
18.Tianjin:RMB 3150.00   Antique markets and scumptious snacks make Tianjin a nice getaway destination.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 10486
19Chengdu:RMB 1900.00. Chengdu is a sensational land where pandas roam free, spicy and heavenly delicacies seduce your taste buds. Living cost here is half that of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. For budget-minded travelers, it is a top place to go. Iconic sights include Leshan Giant Buddha, Giant Panda Breeding Center, Sanxingdui and Mt Emei.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 8108
 chengdu panda breeding center
 20.Chongqing:RMB 2250.00  Overlooking the confluence of the Yangtze and the Jialing Rivers, Chongqing is known throughout China as the “Mountain City”. It is famous for the Dazu Rock Carvings, Ciqi Kou as well as spicy girls and food.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7417
21.Changsha:RMB 2480.00  Among all the capital cities in China, the house price of Changsha is the most reasonably priced. Food is good and cheap also, though too spicy for those getting used to the shanghai menu.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6717
22.Wuhan:RMB 2680.00 Physically, Wuhan lies at the heartland of China. Culturally, it is a cultural crossroad. The price of house is relatively more expensive than its southern neighbor: Hunan province.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7747
23.Lanzhou:RMB 1500.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7102
24.Zhenzhou:RMB 2880.00
 Buy a house: average cost: RMB 8637
25.Xining:RMB 1000.00  Located on the edge of an inhospitable wildness, Xining, a historic military garrison town, is heavily populated by minority groups. Living cost here is incredibly cheap, but the natural marvels and cultural relics are everywhere. From the Great Mosque to the sparkling Qinghai Lake, from the solemn Kumbum Monastery to its lesser-known marvels, this province hits the list as China’s Top Ten Cities for backpackers.
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 5696
26.Qinhuangdao:RMB 2550.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7088
27.Shijiazhuang:RMB 2300.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6054
28.Harbin:RMB 1700.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7282
29.Changchun:RMB 1500.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6697
30.Shenyang:RMB 2100.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7563
31.Hefei:RMB 1680.00
Buy a house: average cost:RMB 6808
32.Changzhou:RMB 3380.00
Buy a house: average cost:RMB 8265
33.Wenzhou:RMB 5020.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB15487/sqare meter
34.Dalian:RMB 3000.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 11638
35.Hohhot:RMB 1700.00: Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, may not immediately stir images of a rough and ready frontier, but what this cosmopolitan city does offer is a gateway to the majesty of the grasslands which lie just beyond the city. The past is alive here. Do not miss their Xilitu Temple, Give Pagoda Temple, and the Genghis Khan Mausoleum. If you want to experience the nomadic lifestyle of the descendants of Genghis Khan, savor up the most authentic lamp kebabs and practice horse-riding, archery and wrestling, Hohhot fulfils your aspiration.
36.Urumqi:RMB 2100.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7493
37.Lhasa:RMB 900.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6213
38.Xian:RMB 2080.00   Once the capital of 13 dynasties, Xian is a museum city strewn with historic relics. There is a palpable sense of the past glories, vestiges of its history are ever present. Its mighty City Walls, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Temple of Great Maternal Grace, the Great Mosque, Drum & Bell Tower, and most importantly, the Terracotta Warriors can be enjoyed at reasonable prices. Dining and living options abound. You can stay in a deluxe hotel or a hostel, and enjoy a meal in upscale restaurants or eateries such as Lanzhou Noodles Restaurants. (a bowl of Lanzhou Rice Noodles charges only RMB7)
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 7932
terracotta warriors
39.Nanning:RMB 1300.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 9812
40.Haikou:RMB 2600.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 6500--9000
41.Sanya:RMB 2360.00
Buy a house: RMB 23477 /square meter
42.Macau:RMB 8900.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 70000
43.Hong Kong:RMB 18500.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 100000 to RMB 500000/square meter
44.Taipei: RMB 11500.00
Buy a house: average cost: RMB 10000 to RMB 40000/square meter
Author: Sophia   Posted on Jan 22,2014
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