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China Public Holiday Calendar2014,2015,2016

China Public Holiday Calendar (2014 to 2016)
China boasts many public holidays, such as the week-long Spring Festival and  National Holiday, which are famed as Golden Weeks. Holidays with traditional roots include Spring Festival,Qingming Festival,Dragon Boat Festival and Middle Autumn Festival. Among them, Spring Festival is the grandest traditional festival in China.
Public HolidayPeriod
What Chinese do
What foreigners do201420152016
New Year's Day(Yuan Dan元旦) Jan 1 to 3
1 fireworks display
2 family party
3 travel
4 shopping in Shanghai, Maucau and Taiwan
5 Visit four holy Buddhism mountains: Mt Wutai, Mt Emei, Mt Putuo and Mt Jiuhua to pray for health and good luck 
 1 Visit Wudalianchi World Geopark to have a hotspring therapy or enjoy ice sculptures in Harbin
2 swim in Sanya, China's Maldives
4 Go to Shuhe and Xizhou Ancient Town to enjoy Bai Nationality architectures and Three Course Tea
5 Venture into Lugu Lake to discover Mosuo people's walking marriage
Jan 1-3 Jan 1-3Jan 1-3
Spring Festival(春节)Around late Jan and early Feb family get-together, visit relatives, write couplets, display fireworks or firecrackers, visit temples, listen to Beijing Opera
2 Visit Lingyin Temple to pray for the new year
 3 Visit Hangzhou Meijiawu to pick Longjing Tea
 Jan. 31 to Feb. 6.Feb. 19 to 25.Feb. 8 to 14.
Women's DayMar. 8Chinese ladies will go to shopping, singing and dancingsee how Chinese ladies celebrateLadies take Half a day's restLadies take Half a day's restLadies take Half a day's rest
Arbor DayMar. 12plant treesspring outingno day-offno day-offno day-off
Qingming Festival(清明) Around April 5
1Visit Mount Taishan to worship Heaven
2 Visit Wuyuan Ancient Town to enjoy cole flowers

3 Visit, clean, and make offerings at ancestral gravesites;
4 make a dish: Qingming Tuanzi from mugwort and glutinous rice
 Enjoy cherry blossoms in Yuantong Temple

 Spring outings
 1 Visit West Lake which will be a heavenly place with peach blossoms and green willows
2 Visit Kunming and enjoy the camellia blossoms
3 Visit Huangshan to take wonderful photos, watch sunrise and enjoy hotspring spa
Visit Dazu Rock Carvings
 Apr. 5 to 7Apr. 4 to 6.Apr. 2 to 4.
May Day(五一)May 1- 3 At least one fifth of Chinese will go back to hometown, and a substantial number of people will plan trips or weddings
 May 1 - 3, 2014 May 1 - 3, 2015Apr. 30 - May 2, 2016
Youth Day青年节May 4It began in 1949 to commemorate the beginning of the May Fourth Movement.visit museums and tombshalf day of May 4half day of May 4half day of May 4
Children's Day儿童节Jun. 1Chinese children under the age of 13 take one day off Jun. 1Jun. 1Jun. 1
Dragon Boat Festival(端午节) 5th day of the 5th lunar month
 watch Dragon Boat Racing; make and (or)eat rice dumplings
Join the Naadam Festival in Inner Mongolia
 1 Visit the Xixi National Wetland Park to enjoy Dragon Boat Race
2 Join One-day Dragon Boat Race in Guangzhou
Eating rice dumpling(zongzi)
31 to Jun. 2. Jun. 20 to 22.Jun. 9 to 11.
Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation ArmyAug. 1  half day of Aug. 1half day of Aug. 1half day of Aug. 1
China Middle Autumn Festival(中秋节) August 15th(lunar month)
 Visit Tulou , a world heritage in Fujian province
Visit Erhai Lake to enjoy the full moon
Tide-watching in Qiantang River
Romantic Hangzhou: Enjoy Three Pools Mirroring the Moon in West Lake
 Sep. 6 to 8 Sep. 26 to 28Sep. 15 to 17.
 National Holiday(国庆节) Oct 1- 7
 Family union, travel
to places such as Alxa Desert World Geopark to see the biggest Pupulus Forest in the world
2 Visit the fairyland Jiuzhaigou
Oct. 1 - 7, 2014
Oct. 1 - 7, 2015
Oct. 1 - 7, 2016
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China New Year(Jan):一月元旦       China Spring Festival(Feb):二月春节      Qingming Festival(April)四月清明  May Day( May):五月劳动节    Dragon Boat Festival( Jun):六月端午节    Mid Autumn Day(Sep): 九月中秋节        National Day (Oct):  十月国庆节
Blue: off day        Red: working day
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