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Ten most beautiful architecture of residential houses in China

In this collection, you can have a glimpse of the most stunning folk residences in China.
No.1, Fujian Earth Buildings

 Fujian Tulou is a precious pearl in the long history of Chinese civilization and a myth in world's residential house architecture. The beautiful fortress-like residential houses are all built in forest and mountainous areas in southern Fujian Province(福建省) with excellent security functions.


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No. 2, the Castle-like civilian houses in Kaiping
Located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province(广东省江门市开平市), southeast China, you can see these residences embracing the exquisite architectural styles of classical European and traditional China's countryside cottage. They subtly made the rare to see pastoral scenery in southern China.

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No. 3: Wang's Family Courtyard
Wang's Family Courtyard is typical housing architecture of Qing Dynasty. Located in Jingsheng Town, Linshi County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province(山西省晋中市灵石县静升镇) of central China, the courtyard belonged to a prominent family at that time. It becomes a China's architectural museum today.

 No. 4 Qiao Family's Courtyard
located in Qiaojiabao Village, QiXian County, Jinzhong City(山西省晋中市祁县乔家堡村), Qiao's Family Courtyard is the former residence of Qiao Zhiyong, a famous financier and entrepreneur of Qing Dynasty. After numerous renovation and expansion, it became such a great scale that we see today in early 20th century. It collects the unique style in residential houses of northern China.
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 No. 5, Jincheng

Mountain Mansion of Jincheng, Shanxi Province(山西省晋城市皇城相府), the former residence of Chen Tingjing(陈廷敬), is one of the compilers of Kangxi Chinese Dictionary (康熙字典, Kang Xi Zi Dian). The mansion is built along the mountain slope. It looks like an old but beautiful landscape painting.


No. 6,Liu's Manor Museum(成都大邑刘氏庄园)


Liu's Manor Museum(成都大邑刘氏庄园) was built in 1958 in Chengdu the provincial capital of Sichuan. It represents the modern history in Chinese architecture. Liu's Manor Museum collects about 20,000 items of Chinese relic.

No. 7,  Hongcun Village(安徽宏村)( a UNESCO site)

everything in Anhui Province's Hongcun Village(安徽宏村) is connected with water. It has been carefully planned. The ancient architecture coexists in harmony with natural scenery. Water conservancy work is delicately designed.


30° N 117° E – what on earth happened there
No. 8, Xidi Village ( a UNESCO site)

Xidi Village in southern Anhui Province(安徽西递) is an interesting tourist destination; the houses here are built with dark marbles. There are two clear water creeks flowing through the old and tranquil village. You can see the most fabulous stone and wood sculptures here. This ancient village is imbued with rich cultural content.

No.9, Jiang's Family Manor

 Jiang's Family Manor sits in Mizhi County of northern Shaanxi Province(陕西米脂姜氏庄园). It was built in the Qing Dynasty. The rich man of that time surnamed Jiang hired architectural experts from Beijing to design and best artisans to build this manor.

No. 10, Kang Bai Wan Manor (河南巩义康百万庄园) 
 Kang Bai Wan Manor of Gongyi city in Henan Province(河南巩义康百万庄园) was built in late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. Kang Bai Wan, the owner of this manor, was one of the top three rich man in China at that time. He had a lot of agricultural land and shops in Shandong, Shaanxi and Henan Provinces. In late Qing Dynasty, the Dowager Cixi escaped to Xian. While she returning Beijing she passed Gongyi city, the Kang's family donated about one million taels of silver to build palaces and refit roads for her. Also, Kang had contributed one million to the royal court.  Covering an floor area of 64300m2, it harbors 571 houses. This feudal mansion is famous for the brick, stone and wood sculptures.

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