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Yili---- Provence in China

Xinjiang's first Lavender Tourist Festival was held  in Huocheng County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture on July 9. Located in northernmost Xinjiang, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture (Yili in Chinese), is the only Kazakh autonomous prefecture of China
In the midsummer, Ili(Yili) becomes a sea of lavender where sweet perfumes are diffused all around. No wonder, it regarded as Provence in China and also a must traveling place when you have a China tour , especially in Xinjiang

wandering in the lavender sea

During this festival, besides appreciating colorful lavender flower fields in the lavender manor and taking photo in the flower sea, you are also recommended to visit Huiyuan ancient city or  watch folk horse racing at the bank of Sayram Lake and other traditional folk performance such as chasing sheep.

The unique climate and conditions of water and manure are very suitable for the growth of lavender in Ili. The total cultivate area there occupies more than 90% in the entire China. The output of dried flower and essence oil holds 95% in China. Therefore, Ili is named as the hometown of Lavender in China by Ministry of Agriculture. With the high development of Chinese economy, Ili’s lavender industry also expands a lot. Fragrant products have already increased many new types. Meanwhile, a trip of appreciating lavender gets more and more popular among tourists from both home and abroad so far.
                                                                                     Image from Xinhua Net
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