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Water Splashing Festival in Yunnan

Water Splashing Festival is not only an important festival in Thailand, in China’s Yunnan Province where many minority groups resident, Water Splashing Festival is also celebrated every April.
April witnesses the new year of calendar among Dai Nationality. In April, Yunnan province is already in hot weather, splashing water to each other makes cool experiences. Recently, in Ethnic Village, a series of activities were held to celebrate the New Year of minority groups’ New Year. Adults and children all happily splash water to each other using buckets and basins.
According to the organizers, the activities will last until April 17. Buddha Bathing, Dragon Boat races, prayer activities will also be held afterwards. At the first day, over 10 thousand visitors participate in the activities.
Cute elephants and little monks also celebrate the New Year with the visitors. People of different nationalities get together and pray for a happy, smooth, healthy New Year for them.
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