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Rivers for winter drift in China

Who says traveling in winter is dull? Drifting in the winter can be awesome! Try some rivers that don't freeze in winter and it will definitely make your blood tingle. Changbai Mountain, located in the northern part of Antu county in Jilin Province, is generally regarded as the most famous mountain in the northeast of China. In the winter, the mountain is a white fairy-tale world. Besides the serenity and elegancy, visitors can also feel novelty and excitement by drifting on the Biquan River.

Biquan River, Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province

The Biquan River is a cold lake formed by many springs. It measures about four kilometers long, ten meters wide and one meter deep. Its water temperature keeps at 6 C to 8 C. It is ice-free all the year round.

Admission fee: 100 yuan

Transportation: take the regular bus at South Passenger Station (Keyun Nanzhan) in Yanji to Changbai Mountain.

Dining: food of the Korean minority nationality such as cold cabbage with red chilli and Dagao (rice cake); eggs boiled in hot spring.

Jiulongwan River, Guangdong Province

Located in Longchuan county, Heyuan city in Guangdong Province, Jiulongwan river drift is the first choice for rafting in the winter for Guangdong people. The temperature remains at 20 C on average.

Measuring 13 kilometers, the Jiulongwan refers to a river section between the downstream and Lizui town. There are nine bends in the whole journey. The river runs not too placid or too sluggish. Take a small boat and go with the tide!

Transportation: take the regular buses from Heyuan or Meizhou and get off at Xiangshuihe town, take the minibus to Boluo county, and transfer to the minibus at Boluo county bus station to Jiuluowan River.

Dining: large meatball, fried pork intestines with Shuilu vegetable and Hakka Bean curd

Longdi River, Hunan Province

The Longdi River is located in the Wanfo scenic area in Mujiao town, Tongdao county in Hunan Province. Drifting in the winter there is much fun. Measuring about ten kilometers, the river has 48 big and small bends. The fall of the river is over 150 meters. It takes three to four hours to finish a river drift. Over the journey, visitors will pass Huanglong Valley, Jiangjun Rock, Longdi Silver Beach and Miziyan Beach. Due to its distinctive features, it is regarded as "the first drift in South China".

Transportation: take the regular bus at Huaihua South Bus Station or Huaihua West Bus Station to Tongdao county, then take the minibus to Xianxi town. In Xianxi town, take a local minibus to Longdi River.

Dining: wild mushrooms hot pot, fried locust, Longdi fish and Longdi preserved meat

Sanjiang river drifting, Sichuan Province


Sanjiang Ecological Scenic Area is located to the south of Wenchuan county, Aba Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It is made up of the Xihe River Scenic Area, Zhonghe River Scenic Area and the Panlong Mountain Scenic Area. The Sanjiang river drifting is an important part for Sanjiang ecological travel. The water runs as clear as crystal. The hills are clothed with varied vegetation. Visitors can also see the relics of ancient plank roads on the mountains.

Transportation: drive along Chengguan Expressway and arrive at Dujiangyan, go upstream along Minjiang River Valley and reach the scenic area via Xuankou, Shuimo and Sanjiang towns.

Dining: preserved meat, jellied bean curd and fungus


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