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Lantern Festival is coming with Spring

Today is Lantern Festival on the 15th in Chinese first month of lunar year just after the most important traditional festival of Spring Festival.


In Chinese, Zhengyue means the first month of lunar year. The ancient people called the night"Xiao". Furthermore, on the 15th in first lunar month, the first full moon of new year is available. It is the time of the restarting year and the comeback of another spring. The people are celebrating this great time at night, and it is also the continuousness of Spring Festival.

In accordance with Chinese folk convention, on today's night, people would enkindle a large number of color lights in order to show auspiciousness and happiness at such a good night under the full moon.  People often go out for enjoying the moonlight, lighting the lanterns, setting off the fireworks, guessing the riddles written on the lanterns, eating dumplings and rice-glue ball together. All the family members join together for enjoying family happiness and this festival.  


The tradition of making and showing lanterns on lantern festival is originated from Han Dynasty in China. Up to Tang Dynasty, lantern show and enjoyment became more and more welcomed and popular. The lanterns were hung everywhere including the imperial palace and streets. The splendid lantern wheels, lantern tower and lantern trees were all found easily.

In Song Dynasty, the lantern festival became much more popular and welcome. The time generally lasted for 5 days. The diversity and variety of lantern styles became more and more rich and multiple. The time of lantern festival in Ming Dynasty was 10 days. It is the longest festival on lanterns in China. In Qing Dynasty, the scale of lantern-enjoyment became larger and and fashionable, although the time lasted was only 3 days.

Guessing game on riddles written on the lanterns was added later. It appeared in Song Dynasty.  In Lin'an of Southern Song Dynasty (currently in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province), the people used to make out many riddles on Chinese characters and also the guessers are multiple. At the beginning of this festival game, the riddle lovers liked to write the riddles on the papers and then pasted them on the lanterns. This enlightening game is welcomed by all walks of society.

The convention of Easting rice-glue ball in folk community is also welcomed.  The rice-glue ball is made of sticky rice with stuffing of sweeten bean paste, white sugar, whitethorn and so on.  Chinese people call it Tangyuan means the whole family members are in family.   
In some places, there is also the convention of dispelling the illness by walking. The participants are mostly the women, they walk together to walk across the walls, the bridges to get ride of the disasters and disease. visit our website :Top car rental services in UAE at low rates.

The ancient picture on Lantern Festival bring us back to the old society



Guessing the riddles written on the lanterns in Qing Dynasty  



Walking along the city wall to dispel the disease and disasters


For dispelling the disease and disasters via touching the ancient gate,generally it is done by the women.





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