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Golden fall with romance along Yalu River, NE China


Go to Benxi City, see reddish autumn leaves, and visit the scenic Dandong of Liaoning Province are the essential ingredients in a northeast China tour. These are the parts of a batch of fall tourism activities in the province, where borders the Korean Peninsular.

"Golden Fall with Maple Romance and Gorgeous Rainbows along the Yalu River" is the theme of a travel carnival in Benxi and Dandong of Liaoning Province. The event includes promoting local people to travel around the province, the Seventh Benxi International Maple Festival and China 2009 Dandong – Yalu River International Tourism Festival.

Benxi is famous for its all-included and mysterious landscape of China with enchanting maple leave scenery during fall. Mountains and water, caves and forests, hot springs and creeks as well as Ancient Man Cultural Site located amid the beautiful landscapes, the things that must see in ideal ecotourism.

Benxi's maple trees are the gifts from the Mother Nature. The vast maple is one of the biggest fields in China, having many kinds of maple tree. The field will be painted in reddish gold color during autumn, the light leaves will descend freely and they pave the soil with a red carpet.

The Seventh Benxi International Maple Festival will be held between September 1 and October 20. It includes photographic exhibition, Liaoning Invitational Bicycle Tournament and Liaoning Hiking Festival. The "China Maple Road" bike tournament, which invites athletes from around the province to take part, will start on September 27 and in October, the hiking festival will attract sports lovers at home and abroad.

China 2009 Dandong – Yalu River International Tourism Festival will be celebrated between September 24 and 30. It is to demonstrate the scenic frontier city of Dandong and its development prospects by holding a series of activities, such as floats parade, bonfire party and "The Yalu Night" show. Hip-hop dance from Korea, ethnic dance from Japan and dance troupes from France and Russia will be the highlights of the floats parade.
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