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Fenghuang Ancient Town for Free

It is announced that Fenghuang Ancient Town will be free again since April 10, 2016. The 148 RMB entrance ticket of the scenic area will be waived. But the 9 attractions within the ancient town still charge the original prices. According to the policy, the entrance tickets have been applied for three years.

At first, it is free for visitors to enter Fenghuang Ancient Town. Since April 10 2013, local government started to charge 148 RMB for the entrance tickets to the whole town.

Fenghuang Ancient Town along with Zhangjiajie are the two representative scenic areas of Hunan province. Fenghuang, in Chinese means “Phoenix”. The town was originally built in 1704.

As a minority group residential place, the majority of the population of the old town is Miao Nationality. All together 28 minority groups live together there.

The architecture of the ancient town is one highlight. Most of the houses were built with woods and earthen walls. The night views of the ancient town are more attractive than the daytime.
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