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Shaanxi people want Famen Temple to become another Terra Cotta Warriors

Xian Famen Temple (法门寺) collects the one and only true Sarira (Buddhist relic) in the world with about 2,500 items of historical heritage. Mr. Liu Bing, a municipal district official and a local businessman in Xian, has an independent mind that is quite different to ordinary cadre and conventional merchant. He thinks that the Terra Cotta Warriors only belong to China, but the Famen Temple is to the world.


Liu Bing

Liu Bing

In an interview by China Economic Weekly, Mr Liu said, "The Famen Temple and the Terra Cotta Warriors are the most influential historical relics in Shaanxi Province. They are also the calling cards in terms of Chinese culture. As the two cultural sightseeing spots, they are quite different in characteristics and needed different development, business and management methods. The Terra Cotta Warriors emphasize on tourism, and the Famen Temple's main attraction is making people to know more about China's Buddhist culture. The former, travelers will visit there once, but they may be visiting the latter many times in the future, because foreign Buddhists will find peace of mind there."


Dagoba in Famen Temple,Xian

Dagoba in Famen Temple, Xian

"The most important factor for development of the Famen Temple is Buddhist culture, and the cultural tourism is just after that. Cultural tourism should be based on Buddhist culture. Engaging tourism actually means promoting culture. This is especially true for doing cultural tourism. Without culture, a tour destination will have no soul. It cannot attract visitors and make them to stay longer."


Three Saints from the West, Famen Temple, Xian

Three Saints from the West, Famen Temple, Xian

Mr. Liu told China Economic Weekly the outlines of the future development in the Famen Temple. First, the eastern side of the courtyard will become an Artists' Village, in which artists from around the world can exchange and communicate. Second, the western part will be a Cultural Exchange Center, as a calling card for cultural communication with the outside world. Third, the south side is the Famen Temple Cultural College, in which lectures on traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism and their strong relationships will be held. And fourth, a place for short period of spiritual cultivation is located in the north.


Bodhisattva sculpture, Famen Temple, Xian

Bodhisattva sculpture, Famen Temple, Xian

The outermost area of the Famen Temple will be a Buddhist Ecological Garden. It realizes the Buddhist principle of harmony between people, between man and society and between human beings and the Mother Nature.

"Today's Famen Temple is the foundation of future prosperousness," said wishfully Mr. Liu Bing.

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