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Chimera Scenic Area Now Open in 2016

Mount Huangshan is China’s most famous mountain. It enjoys huge popularity among visitors to China. Many people see Chimera Scenic Area as the essence of Mount Huangshan and if you visit it once then the ticket price is worth it.
Chimera Scenic Area is very busy every month so when winter approaches, the whole scenic area is closed for maintenance. After winter, it is open to public again. 
This year, on March 28, the maintenance period of Chimera Scenic Area has ended and it appears to visitors from the winter break. The cable car service is also available from March 28.
From Dec 5, 2015, Chimera Scenic Area was closed for winter break. The authority has implied plant diseases and insect pest prevention and cure. The artificial means has been adopted to help develop the scenic area and make the ecology and environment recover from damages.
Chimera Scenic Area is located at the west side of Mount Huangshan and it is well known for its steep hills and original sceneries. 
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